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Active Gateway is an open, easy-to-use, Application Programming Interface (API) that gives you the freedom to create fun and engaging wellness applications based on your unique vision. It’s customizable, robust, and easy to deploy. It’s designed to handle large and diverse groups of people, so you can design programs that are perfect for all ages, from children to seniors.

sonic boom
Sonic Boom Wellness

Get out of the starting gate fast.

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The API makes it easy to get started. You can develop and deploy your program quickly. That means you can reduce your time to market and avoid months of slow-moving development.

Accuracy matters.

Your wellness program will be based on accurate, verifiable data from devices such as the Pebble+ and other FitLinxx health devices. Your participants will all be on a level playing field. Accurate data means you can tie individual or group performance to incentives with confidence.

National Jewish Health
National Jewish Health

A motivating experience.

Step Success
Step Success

When the user logs in to the web application, they see the progress they’ve made toward their goals. It’s a unique wellness experience that engages and motivates.