Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)

The CRM tool is the web-based administrative application included with Active Gateway. It provides you with an exceptional degree of control over the implementation of your wellness program. CRM makes it easy to administer programs, regardless of your technical know-how.

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The right tool for the job.

CRM provides you with the tools you need to manage your wellness program. You can communicate with program participants, set goals, monitor devices and more. It’s all about having the right tools to do the

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  • Set personal activity goals for individual users.
  • Monitor battery life for all devices in your program.
  • Keep track of offload activity for all devices within your group.
  • Invite new participants into the program.
  • Ensure fair and objective outcomes for program incentives.

Motivation equals participation.

When it comes to your wellness program, it’s all about keeping participants motivated. CRM offers the reporting capabilities that will help you do just that. That’s particularly important if a participant’s progress is tied to your company’s health insurance program.

  • Run reports for activity, weight and blood pressure.
  • Track participants’ progress against their goals.
  • Reward those who are doing well and offer additional support for those who are struggling.

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