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Today’s rising healthcare costs can be attributed largely to one problem: inactivity. The dramatic spike in healthcare premiums has led employers to move toward high deductible, consumer-directed health plans that include activity-based wellness programs to help improve employee health. The difficult part to making wellness programs work is getting people to participate.

FitLinxx takes great pride in helping partners drive engagement in their wellness programs by providing products that motivate and support people to live more active and healthy lifestyles. Our wellness applications, web services and health and activity monitoring devices enable our partners to create programs that help people make activity a part of their daily life.

Wireless Health and Activity Monitoring Devices

FitLinxx has created a suite of accurate, easy-to-use health and activity tracking devices designed to help people better understand and take ownership of their health. FitLinxx wireless devices, including the Pebble+ all-day activity tracker, ActiScale digital wireless weight scales and ActiPressure wireless blood pressure monitors fit into people’s lifestyles and help them track their personal activity and health data easily and accurately. Data from these devices is automatically offloaded to a personal website whenever they come within range of a FitLinxx wireless access point.

Once the data is on the user’s website, they can see how they are progressing toward their goals, join communities, earn rewards and take part in challenges.

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Wellness Applications

FitLinxx offers web-based services and wellness applications that enable all types of partners and organizations to provide compelling wellness experiences for their users:

  • Active Gateway - A simple, open Application Programming Interface (API) that enables partners to design their own customized program and application based on FitLinxx technology. The API uses a SOAP protocol that makes it very easy to integrate FitLinxx devices and data into a custom web-based application.

*Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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