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The Activity Factor

RunnersChronic disease like obesity, diabetes and heart disease account for 63% of all US health issues and 78% of all US healthcare expenditures, and are predominantly caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices like sedentary behavior, poor nutrition and smoking.1

But where do you begin? Changing behaviors is very difficult and simultaneously changing multiple behaviors is nearly impossible. The good news is that physical activity has a positive impact on nearly every chronic disease, can be done by everyone and is simple to do.

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It’s a Win-Win for Employers

An active workforce benefits everyone. Healthier employees. Fewer trips to the doctor. Reduced out-of-pocket expenses.That’s good for them. Managed premiums and healthcare costs. Present and energized employees. That’s good for you.
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For Fitness Facilities

Fitness facility members already know the benefits of physical activity. People feel good after a workout. It keeps people healthy and fit. Fewer trips to the doctor. That’s good for them. An engaging workout program keeps members coming back. That’s good for you.
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Healthier population. Less burden on the healthcare system. That’s good for everyone.

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“If there was a single medication that you could take – a pill that is free, with no side effects – that helped reduce your risk of developing or dying from many chronic diseases, would you take it? Regular physical activity is that pill.”

I-Min Lee, Harvard Medical School

The FitLinxx Wellness Platform is a suite of products, applications and development tools to develop web-based and mobile wellness applications that engage and motivate. Watch your employees, patients and plan members improve their physical and mental health, become more productive, call in sick less often, and lower healthcare costs. You might be interested in our customer examples to learn about their experiences.

FitLinxx Professional is a workout tracking and coaching system that tracks strength and cardio workouts, studio classes and activity outside of the facility. Members feel connected to the facility. They are engaged and motivated, and they’ll keep coming back.

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1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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