Wellness Implementation Services

Wellness Implementation Services help wellness program providers set up their FitLinxx-powered wellness program easily and efficiently. Each partner is assigned a team of experts that guides them through the implementation process to ensure successful deployment of the program.


  • Step-by-step guidance and leadership throughout the implementation process
  • Assistance with all sales-related matters
  • Expert assistance by an assigned Program Manager who is available to help with any technical inquiries
  • Premium Customer Support, reachable by phone or e-mail
  • Oversight by FitLinxx management to ensure implementation runs smoothly

Helping Partners

  • Create a project plan to determine the program launch date and timeline
  • Determine program goals, incentives and rewards
  • Finalize program configuration
  • Identify and resolve potential setup issues or challenges early in the process
  • Determine optimum locations for high-traffic access points
  • Train the administrators on devices, applications and management tools. For more training information, see Training Services.
  • Conduct regular status meetings to ensure all dates and requirements are being met.

To learn more about becoming a FitLinxx partner, see the Partners section.

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