FitLinxx Professional Customer Services

As part of an investment in FitLinxx Professional, fitness facility operators receive complete operational assistance to support their members and maximize their investment.


  • Initial Implementation: FitLinxx’s trained implementation experts work closely with facility customers on site to ensure a smooth and efficient setup of all FitLinxx Pro exercise tracking equipment, computers and infrastructure.
  • Software License and Upgrades: As part of your license agreement, FitLinxx continually enhances FitLinxx Pro software tools to encourage exercise tracking adherence. All upgrades are performed remotely and are installed quickly to the facility’s local server with minimal disruption of service.
  • Remote Diagnostics: The Network Management team remotely connects to the facility to verify that the system is operating at its maximum potential, improving resolution time and keeping equipment downtime to a minimum.
  • Secure Backups: With FitLinxx Pro, customers never have to worry about data loss. The network management system retrieves and backs up all fitness tracking data and results, and stores it securely off-site.

Additional Services

  • Custom, on-site training for facility staff
  • Interactive remote training via webinars and Brainshark presentations
  • Monthly management reports
  • On-demand training and webinars
  • User progress reports
  • Front Desk Integration (FDI)
  • Multi-Site capabilities
  • Extended parts warranty (optional)

For more information on FitLinxx Pro services, please contact FitLinxx Customer Support.

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