Customer Support

FitLinxx is dedicated to providing partners and fitness facility operators with premium support to deliver quality fitness and wellness programs. Partners and facilities may contact our expert support team to receive assistance regarding FitLinxx devices, wellness applications and services.

Program Managers

Program Managers are experts in FitLinxx health and wellness programs, fitness programs, devices and services. Each partner or fitness facility operator is assigned a Program Manager, who is a technical resource throughout the life of their program. These experts are available to assist in every stage of the program, including initial consultation, program implementation, training and support.

Customer Support Call Center

FitLinxx Customer Support is available via phone and e-mail. Our team of knowledgeable technicians is on call throughout the week to assist partners and customers with any technical issues. Each technician is trained in all aspects of the system to ensure programs run smoothly, and any reported issues are monitored closely until they are resolved. Customers may contact FitLinxx Customer Support.

Download the Customer Support brochure.