June, 2014: How to Make Your Company Healthier
In this 45 minute webinar, Dave Monahan, FitLinxx CEO outlines how the addition of an activity tracker can make your wellness program more engaging.
Computer and Technology Radio Interview with FitLinxx CEO, Dave Monahan
Listen to this 17 minute interview with FitLinxx's CEO Dave Monahan as he discusses the benefits of activity tracking to the Computer and Technology audience.
Activity is the Answer: What is the question?
Listen to the March 23, 2012 webinar where FitLinxx CEO Dave Monahan explains how FitLinxx activity-based wellness programs improve employee well-being. Total time: 35 minutes
Benefits Live Magazine Podcast with Dave Monahan
Listen to this 14 minute podcast with Dave Monahan, FitLinxx CEO and President as he discusses how activity-based wellness programs can improve employee health.
UK Active Webinar: Activity Tracking
Peter Croft, FitLinxx EVP International discusses the benefits of activity tracking in this 45 minute webinar.
Is It Possible To Walk And Work At The Same Time?
NPR story on how Kaiser Permanete in Oakland, California is weaving walking into it's culture. All you need is 150 minutes a week and it doesn't have to be continuous to see health benefits.