FitLinxx partner programs are making an impact in the world of health and wellness, creating healthier individuals and lowering healthcare costs. We invite you to see how partners motivate people to live more healthy and active lifestyles.

AmpStrip Videos
AmpStrip is a small, beautiful, thin, sensor-filled strip you wear on your torso all day, every day. It continuously monitors your heart to provide feedback about your athletic performance and recovery - helping you find the edge between too little and too much training.
FitLinxx Professional
This video explains how FitLinxx Professional connects facilities and instructors with members, promoting member attraction and adherence. These connections help staff better assist members, and provide members with the support and motivation critical to developing positive workout habits.
Pebble Videos
Pebble+ activity monitor videos including Introduction to the Pebble+, Pebble+ offload to smartphone, Pebble battery replacement, Pebble wear options and Pebble user interface.
Get Motivated to Get Fit with the Spark Activity Tracker from SparkPeople
SparkPeople, a FitLinxx partner introduces the SPARK activity tracker, a fun and motivating way to track your fitness and get active each day. Track your calories burned, steps, distance covered, activity and exercise minutes and get a FREE comprehensive program that includes meal plans, food trackers, workouts, videos, expert tips and community support--the most robust program on the web!
Benefits of the Walking Meeting
Dr. Mike Roizen, the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic and Liz Dunlop from Media Relations discuss benefits of walking meetings
Ardmore Is "Stepping Out" For Healthier Lifestyle
In response to a recent health study that ranked Oklahoma 44th in the nation, the Ardore County Chamber of Commerce introduced the Pebble as part of FitLinxx partner MyInertia's wellness program.
CES 2014 Wearable Tech Panel Session
Dave Monahan, CEO of FitLinxx participates in 2014 CES panel on wearable tech.
myInertia Videos
myInertia, a Fitlinxx partner shares stories of how their corporate wellness program and FitLinxx technology help to motivate employees to make positive changes to be healthier.
MeYou Health Videos
Watch this great video that motivates users of MeYou Health's Walkadoo employee wellness program to get moving.
Let's Make our Day Harder
From the man who made 23 and 1/2 hours, Dr. Mike Evans explains why moving more will and can have an impact on your health.
Destination: You® - by GlobalFit
FitLinxx's partner GlobalFit produced this wonderful video showing how a great wellness program and activity tracking technology motivates employees to be more active. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.
Uno Bus Wellness Project
This short video summarizes the successful collaborative wellbeing initiative at the University of Hertfordshire between staff at the University Bus Company, Uno and Hertfordshire Sports Village. This project was implemented under the work of Nudge and using FitLinxx's Activity Tracker, the ActiPed+ and ActiHealth wellness platform.
FitLinxx Professional Helping People Get Healthy at LifePointe
Watch video from KLKN Channel 8 in Lincoln Nebraska that shows FitLinxx Professional fitness tracker in action.
Hear directly from FitKIK users to learn how FitLinxx wellness programs encourage them to become more active and stay with the program.
23 1/2 Hours
Dr. Mike Evans, founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, answers the question, "What is the single best thing we can do for our health?
U.S. Preventive Medicine
The Macaw™ Health and Fitness App from U.S. Preventive Medicine transforms smartphones into the ultimate personal health monitor.
StepSuccess Network Rail Case Study Testimonials
TripleTree iAwards Video
FitLinxx presentation at the TripleTree iAwards