Pebble Videos

Video: Pebble+ Activity Tracker

The Pebble+ activity tracker, an award-winning wearable device that keeps people motivated to be more active and improve their health. It can now offload data using your smartphone. 

Video: How to Offload Pebble+ to Your Smartphone

The Pebble+ activity tracker can now offload it's data to an iPhone 4S or greater running iOS 7. The follow video explains how to set it up.

Video: Pebble Explainer Video

Our partner Folup produced this great explainer video about the Pebble+.

Video: Pebble Battery Replacement (updated 4/18/14)

This short video describes how to replace the Pebble's battery which typically lasts from 6-12 months.

Video:Pebble Display

The Pebble's display lets you check goal progress, sync and battery status.

Video:Pebble Wear Options

Shows the different options for where you can wear the Pebble.

FitLinxx Pebble Brochure

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