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4/2/14 - NY Times: How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer
NY Times Wellness Blog article about the benefits of exercise.
1/28/2014 - The Health Hazards of Siting
This great infographic outlines all the potential health problems associated with prolonged sitting.
11/1/2013 - Effectiveness of a Multimodal Online Well-Being Intervention A Randomized Controlled Trial (824.75 KB)
This American Journal of Preventative Medicine journal article authored by Nathan K Cobb, MD, Jose´e Poirier, PhD conducted a study of 1503 U.S.-based adults to determine the effectiveness of an online well-being intervention as part of ongoing program development.
4/10/2013 - £7 billion of potential savings if exercise given increased priority
Over £7 billion of savings could be achieved if each person in the UK took the government’s recommended daily amount of exercise. The findings, from a new report by leading healthcare charity, Nuffield Health and the London School of Economics, suggests that in an age of austerity for both the government and the public, by simply increasing the amount of physical activity undertaken, a positive impact could be achieved.
5/4/2012 - Study: Running Extends Life by Years
Runner's World article that explains a small amount of running can extend life as much as 6 years.
Employee Benefit News: A Challenging Path to Wellness
EBN article discusses a study they conducted about wellness with 245 wellness professionals.