Studies and Stats

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4/2/14 - NY Times: How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer
NY Times Wellness Blog article about the benefits of exercise.
1/28/2014 - The Health Hazards of Siting
This great infographic outlines all the potential health problems associated with prolonged sitting.
11/1/2013 - Effectiveness of a Multimodal Online Well-Being Intervention A Randomized Controlled Trial (824.75 KB)
This American Journal of Preventative Medicine journal article authored by Nathan K Cobb, MD, JoseĀ“e Poirier, PhD conducted a study of 1503 U.S.-based adults to determine the effectiveness of an online well-being intervention as part of ongoing program development.
5/4/2012 - Study: Running Extends Life by Years
Runner's World article that explains a small amount of running can extend life as much as 6 years.
Employee Benefit News: A Challenging Path to Wellness
EBN article discusses a study they conducted about wellness with 245 wellness professionals.