Customer Stories

FitLinxx partners have been successful in lowering healthcare costs and improving people’s health. Here are some of their stories.

It takes a village to transform a town (270.18 KB)
Ararat, a town in southern Australia was know as the fattest town in Australia and was featured on the Biggest Loser®, Australia. With an interactive wellness program from Alere featuring the Pebble® Activity Tracker, they set out to help the people of Ararat improve get moving and improve their health. What resulted was an innovative 12-week wellness program that helped transform a town.
Toshiba America Medical Systems Making Healthier Employees (308.47 KB)
Toshiba America Medical Systems is a medical imaging technology company with 1,250 benefits-eligible employees. Toshiba believed it needed to boost employee engagement and improve the company’s sense of culture. Enter Sonic Boom Wellness, a corporate wellness program provider and FitLinxx partner.
National Jewish Health (191.39 KB)
Learn how National Jewish Health reduced healthcare costs by 13% year-on-year over a 5 year period.
Ottawa Dental Laboratory (416.26 KB)
Learn how a FitLinxx Wellness Program help lower prehypertension rates 26% over a 3-year period.
FitLinxx: Fighting Back Against Healthcare Costs (354.12 KB)
Learn how Fitlinxx's own activity-based wellness program achieved a 95% engagement and 73% success rate while reducing its healthcare costs by 9%.
Colorado Springs School District 11 (335.09 KB)
Colorado Springs School District 11 is the largest in El Paso County, Colorado. The school district is self-insured and has seen healthcare costs soar in recent years. To address this issue, it contracted with Sonic Boom Wellness, a FitLinxx partner, in late 2011 to help build a healthier workplace.
A Member's Story (409.24 KB)
Read the story about Judy, a music teacher from Houston, Texas who used FitLinxx Professional to significantly improve her health.
Network Rail Increases Physical Activity by 40% (209.52 KB)
Learn how StepSuccess, a FitLinxx partner, helped Network Rail increase physical activity by 63% and achieve a return on investment of £72 per employee for it's initial pilot of an activity-based wellness program in preparation for roll out to all 35,000 employees.
StepSuccess Achieves 73% Engagement in Wellness Program at Enfield Council (169.19 KB)
Learn how StepSuccess, a UK-based Fitlinxx partner, helped Enfield Council improve the health of 73% of the workforce, resulting in the programme delivering a return of £2.71 for every £1 spent.
StepSuccess Helps UK School Children Become More Active (214.61 KB)
StepSuccess worked with Hertsmere Leisure to deliver an educational health and wellness programme to thirty Year 6 students at Woodlands Primary School in Hertfordshire, UK. Results: 100% of students engaged with the program. Activity increased by 1,300 steps per day.
Step Success Customer Story (44.94 KB)
UK partner Step Success shares a success story of how Rod, a 41 year old marketing and design company executive, uses their program in conjunction with the FitLinxx platform to lose weight.
Step Success Helping Participants Lose Weight (43.47 KB)
This story describes how Estelle, a 41 year old hairdresser, used Step Success to lose weight. Her ability to see and track her activity using the Step Success program and the ActiPed+ helped her stay on track and meet her goals.

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