Click the links below to learn more about FitLinxx wellness and fitness applications:

Pebble+ Product Brochure (318.13 KB)
Pebble+ is a simple, wireless, all-day activity tracker that motivates people to be more active anytime anywhere and now it syncs with your mobile device.
SyncPoints Brochure (443.18 KB)
FitLinxx SyncPoints are hotspots that automatically and securely collect activity and health data from FitLinxx wireless devices whenever they are nearby.
Active Gateway Brochure (645.19 KB)
This brochure provides details on Active Gateway and its compatible wireless devices and access points.
BodyLAN Data Sheet v1.1 (138.12 KB)
The BodyLAN marketing sheet provides an overview of the BodyLAN wireless protocol that all FitLinxx devices use to communicate.
Customer Support Brochure (315.22 KB)
FitLinxx is dedicated to providing wellness partners and fitness facility operators with premium support to deliver quality wellness and fitness programs.
FitLinxx Professional Overview brochure (869.4 KB)
FitLinxx Professional is FitLinxx’s premiere fitness facility exercise tracking platform.
FitLinxx Professional Details brochure (742.47 KB)
The FitLinxx Professional Details brochure provides details on FitLinxx Professional user and management features.
FitLinxx Wellness Overview (320.99 KB)
FitLinxx wellness applications, web services and health and activity monitoring devices enable partners to create programs that help people make activity a part of their daily life. This document provides an overview of the Wellness platform.
Pebble-Staff-Guide (264.12 KB)
The Pebble Staff Guide provides instructions for fitness facility staff who are marketing the Pebble to their members.