How Does the Pebble+ Work

True Motion Technology

The Pebble+ activity tracker utilizes a 3-axis accelerometer and patented technology to measure patterns of motion, producing a unique waveform signature. It uses this signature in a series of intelligent algorithms that dynamically adjust based on the type of motion detected, providing accurate, verifiable activity data for users of all ages and activity levels. The device determines total steps, activity time and the individual’s speed, which is used to calculate distance and caloric burn. The Pebble+’s intelligent algorithms are upgradeable, allowing for new and updated features to be added to the device.

Tracking Steps

The device receives a signal from its accelerometer to determine your step time accuracy. Once your step time has been determined, it uses its patented methodology and industry-standard calculations to determine total number of steps. The Pebble+ activity tracker is also able to distinguish between walking, running and “moving” steps. This provides another layer of detail to the activity data that can be used in applications and programs.

Tracking Activity Time

Because the Pebble+ only wakes when it receives a slight shock (the equivalent of a person’s foot striking the ground), and then continues to stay awake to monitor steps, it tracks its waking time to determine the user’s cumulative activity time.

Tracking Distance

Once the Pebble+ accelerometer has calculated the user’s speed and time of each step, simple physics dictates the distance traveled (speed = distance / time).

Tracking Caloric Burn

Once the Pebble+ has established the user’s step and contact times, it is able to apply industry-standard calculations to determine and transmit a very accurate count of the number of calories burned during activity.

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