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FitLinxx Partner Program

Over 50 partners have developed activity-based wellness programs that encourage people to become more active and improve their health. Our partners average a 70% activity engagement rate with their plan participants, while participation drops to under 40% without technology.1

Business-Ready Wellness Platform

With our award-winning wireless activity and health tracking devices, cloud-based data services, and open application programming interface (API), the FitLinxx Wellness Platform is an open, customizable solution that’s easy to deploy and manage with large employee populations. As a FitLinxx partner you get:


Sales and Marketing Support

  • Strategic marketing resource materials
  • FitLinxx success story collateral
  • Interactive presentations
  • Account management support
  • Quality Customer Support includes:
    • Expert Program Managers who provide consultation, implementation, training and support
    • FitLinxx Customer Support representatives are available via phone and email

More Information

To learn more the FitLinxx Partner program, please contact us.

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  1. Data based on member participation engagement rate for all partners over 3-month period.

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