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AmpStrip in the News
The AmpStrip as garnered lots of great press recently. Here's a sample of some recent press.
AmpStrip CEO: 'Everyone knows that optical heart rate sensors are not accurate'
Dave Monahan, FitLinxx CEO discusses the company's history and why we created the AmpStrip heart rate monitor.
AmpStrip Awards and News from CES 2015
Here you will find all of the major press about FitLinxx, AmpStrip and the AmpStrip Indiegogo campaign coming out of CES 2015.
Time Magazine: Wearables and Personal Health
The FitLinxx Pebble+ was mentioned in Time Magazine in a story about how wearables may be the next revolution in personal health. Specifically, the Pebble was mentioned as the activity tracker that was helping 18,000 Cleveland Clinic employees meet their activity goals
11/14/2014 - FitLinxx enters consumer market with tracker built on accuracy and comfort.
News about the AmpSrip from
Employee Benefit News: Wearable devices: Future of wellness or just a fad?
Employee Benefit News convened a panel of wearable wellness experts at this year’s Benefits Forum & Expo. Doug McClure, FitLinxx's executive vice president of product marketing a provider was on the panel.
Patient Monitoring, Big Data, and the Future of Healthcare
Nice mention of FitLinxx on how wearables can improve patient health
Wall Street Journal: Can Data from Your Wearable Transform Medicine?
This Wall Street Journal article discusses how FitLinxx's work with Partners Healthcare is helping patients with Type 2 diabetes.
eWeek: FitLinxx Adds Mobile Features to Activity Tracker
The Pebble+ release was also picked up by eWeek, a leading tech and business e-magazine. The article features quotes from Dave Monahan and information from our 2013 year-end press release.
MobiHealth News: Fitlinxx adds smartphone syncing to new Pebble+ tracker
MobiHealthNews includes details about Pebble+ and quotes from an interview with Dave Monahan, FitLinxx CEO, as well information about our partnerships with Alere and SparkPeople, and the success that Cleveland Clinic is achieving with the Pebble.
UK Active: FitLinxx health people track and measure activity levels
UK Active magazine features FitLinxx in a story about activity tracking.
mHealth Watch: ABI Research - Enterprise wearables market to reach US$18 billion by 2019
FitLinxx mentioned in new ABI Research report on the future growth of the wearables market.
5/7/2014 ShapeUp Reports Customer Milestone for Online Wellness Platform
ShapeUp, a global provider of social networking and incentives- based employee wellness solutions, announced that it recently achieved a milestone: signing the 350th customer for ShapeUp Complete, the company's online wellness platform designed to support workplaces with 100 to 5,000 employees.
Medical Research News: New monitoring system for rare disease patients
FOLUP, a FItLinxx partner and web-based health communication platform, has selected the Rare Disease Society of South Africa (RDSSA) as a partner to access patients with rare diseases and build patient groupings that provide patient-centric data for medical care, treatment and research purposes. The aim of this collaboration is to improve rare-disease patients' quality of life, as managing complex diseases is a difficult undertaking for patients and healthcare professionals.
Longevity Magazine: Folup on Board for Well Up Challenge
FitLinxx partner Folup, is joining the Longevity Well Up Challenge, encouraging participants to track their progress over the 9 month wellness program. Participants will get a Pebble activity tracker to log their activity to improve their health.
Medical Tourism Magazine - Fitness Trackers On Course To Become Fashionable in Wellness Programs
Nice mention of FitLinxx Pebble in how it is smart enough to know if the wearer is genuinely active.
SparkPeople’s app is free again as the weight loss company steps up its mobile strategy
Mention of FitLinxx as part of SparkPeople's strategy to offer more tools to help woman to lose weight and improve their health.
KTEN News - Ardmore Is "Stepping Out" For Healthier Lifestyle
In response to a recent health study that ranked Oklahoma 44th in the nation, the Ardore County Chamber of Commerce introduced the Pebble as part of FitLinxx partner MyInertia's wellness program.
Health Club Management Magazine: FitPoints Reward System Helps to Retain Members
FitLinxx's FitPoints reward system is described in April, 2014 issue of Health Club Management Magazine as a tool to help help facilities retain and help members be more active.
FitLinxx Selected as a 2014 Healthiest Employer
FitLinxx was selected as one of the healthiest employers for 2014 by the Boston Business Journal.
Fox8 Cleveland: For Health Benefits, Walk While You Work!
Dr. Mike Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic discusses the benefits of walking 10,000 steps a day to impact health. The Pebble is mentioned as the tracker being used by Cleveland Clinic employees to track their activity.
Welltok Acquires Wellness App Maker Mindbloom
FitLinxx partner Welltok announces the acquisition of Mindbloom, a maker of life-improvement applications. Welltok will incorporate Mindbloom into its CafeWell platform.
Go Get Fit Blog: Wearables - the panacea for member retention, or another placebo?
Early adopters are already plugging in to track their health and fitness using activity trackers. Can activity trackers like the Pebble help to retain fitness club members?
M2M, Sensor & Monitoring Applications in (MHealth) Mobile Healthcare Ecosystem
FitLinxx mentioned in the Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) Bible: 2014 – 2020, a report offered by
Life Leisure set to get Stockport moving with the launch of actiSPORT
This article details a new activity program from Life Leisure (a customer of Dutch partner EFAA), in which they will be distributing Pebbles to local Stockport residents to help the community become more active and healthy.
Yahoo Small Business Advisor: Wearables in the Enterprise
Fitlinxx mentioned as a company that focuses on enterprise wellness programs offering wearables in conjunction with employee health programs to help companies reduce insurance costs while increasing employee productivity.
InformationWeek: Wearables At Work: Hello Big Brother?
FitLinxx Pebble mentioned on how wearables are being used in positive way in the workplace to help employees understand their own health.
MobiHealth News: Florida Medicare Advantage plan to pay for members’ activity trackers
More coverage of AvMed Medicare Advantage plan using FitLinxx partner MeYouHealth's Walkadoo program to give Pebbles to program members.
Wall Street Journal: Florida Medicare Plan First to “Walk the Talk” With Walkadoo™ Physical Activity Program
AvMed Adds Innovative Walking Product from our partner Healthway/MeYou Health, Extends SilverSneakers® Fitness Program Contract Through 2016
Wearable Tech World: FitLinxx Illustrates Continuing Promise of Wearable Technology, Wellness Applications
Article about where how wellness and healthcare markets are likely to see growth.
MobiHealth News: FitLinxx bouyed by growing employer market, inks deal with Biggest Loser Australia
MobiHealth News article discuss FitLinxx's recent 2013 earning announcement,
2/10/2014 CT firm finds niche with health tracking technology
Article about FitLinxx and its technology and partner strategy.
Forrester Research: Wearables Require a New Kind of Ecosystem
J.P. Gownder from Forrester Research writes that the true market for wearables may well be healthcare. Nice mention of FitLinxx as a company that is pursuing that strategy.
News from 2014 Consumer Electronics Show
Here is media coverage from CES about FitLinxx and SparkPeople. Includes coverage in Forrester Research, Forbes, ComputerWorld UK, The Wall Street Journal Live,, and MobiHealth News,
Information Week: 7 Ways Wearables Will Go To Work
FitLinxx Pebble mentioned in J.P. Gownder of Forrester Research article in InformationWeek on how its wearables will be embedded in the healthcare system.
Healthways and MeYou Health Selected by Blue Shield of California to Provide Social Well-Being Solutions to Three Million Members
FitLinxx partner Healthways (MeYouHealth) is now offering the Pebble to all Blue Shield of California members through the Walkadoo wellness program.
MobiHealth News: Welltok adds 14 through CafeWell Connect partner program
FitLinxx mentioned as a health tracking device provider (the Pebble) in this article about Welltok's CafeWell wellness program in MobiHealthNews.
MobiHealth News: Alere Connect’s newly FDA-cleared HomeLink hub has Fitlinxx, too
Alere Connect, formerly known as MedApps before it was acquired by Alere, announced FDA clearance this week for its latest home health hub, HomeLink. This device includes FitLinxx's BodyLAN technology.
Ultrasis announce three-year contract for Step Success
Ultrasis announces a three-year contract with Hertsmere Borough Council (HBC) to deliver a wellness platform and community health programme through the Step Success portal and the FitLinxx Pebble.
Calgary Herald: Buddy up to keep those resolutions working
Calgary Herald article about keeping those new year's resolutions. Nice mention of FitLinxx.
1/6/2014 Wellness Apps for Workers Becoming More Apropos
Nice mention of FitLinxx as company that offers tracking technology for wellness programs
Kiplinger Letter: FitLinxx Mentioned
FitLinxx was recently mentioned as a vendor supplying wearable devices (the Pebble) that are encouraging employees to improve their health.
ComputerWorld: Wearables will reshape the way enterprises work
Computerworld: Though wearable computing receives a great deal of publicity today, relatively little has been said about the prospects for wearables in the enterprise. J.P. Gownder of Forrester Research describes how FitLinxx's strategy of providing wearable devices for the Enterprise will help people to improve their health.
Dave Monahan and Tom Blackadar to Speak at mHealth Summit
Dave Monahan, FitLinxx CEO and Tom Blackadar, FitLinxx CTO are scheduled to speak at mHealth Summit, December 9th in Washington DC.
About.Com: Review of the Spark Activity Tracker
Nice review of the Spark Activity Tracker by Wendy Bumgardner of
Kick off Active Life lifestyle program for Hoorn’s youth now at Sports Centre Hoorn (near Amsterdam).
Young people and a high Body Mass Index (BMI). A well-known fact is a quite a difficult subject at this time. Sports Center Hoorn in its role as 'Lifestyle and Prevention Center’, has developed a unique lifestyle program. In collaboration with Hoorn’s municipality and the Tabor College, Sports Center Hoorn took the bull by the horns with their initiative to start a lifestyle program for young people.
Daily Challenge from MeYou Health Proven Effective in Improving Well-Being
The results of a new study released today by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine show the positive effects of an online social network based program in improving individual well-being. Findings from the randomized controlled trial demonstrate that Daily Challenge from MeYou Health (a subsidiary of Healthways (NASDAQ: HWAY)) measurably improves the well-being of participants, particularly those who engage socially with other Daily Challenge participants.
'Social wellness' may hold the cure for rising healthcare costs
Rajiv Kumar, CEO of ShapeUp a FitLinxx partner discusses the future of healthcare and wellness.
Kraft Foods Launches Wacky Wellness Program
Focus on fun, high-tech, and social networking maximizes engagement and "Sonic Successes"
Aetna Announces New Metabolic Syndrome Risk-Reduction Pilot Program with Newtopia
Aetna Innovation Labs unveils its next-generation pilot program for Metabolic Syndrome, leveraging a novel approach to risk-reduction and building a highly personalized lifestyle plan with FitLinxx partner Newtopia.
Spark Activity Tracker in the News
The Spark is a wireless activity tracker that incorporates FitLinxx technology. The following is a summary of news articles about the Spark.
FitLinxx Customers Gather for Fun Day with Lotus F1
FitLinxx customers in the UK recently gathered for a fun day at the Lotus F1 Team Technical Centre in Oxfordshire, where they met with the FitLinxx team and toured the Lotus F1 factory.
Two Blues discuss healthy behavior change, rewards, loss aversion, and regret theory
Nice mention of our partners ShapeUp and MeYouHealth impacting wellness at Blue Shield of California.
Health Club Management: New Member Journey
Read how FitLinxx Professional is being used by UK fitness facilities to retain members.
Data from apps help athletes raise the bar
Mention of FitLinxx in Boston Globe article about community of Massachusetts-based digital health and fitness technology companies.
Workers' Wellness Goes Wireless With Activity Trackers
Nice mention of FitLinxx in featured article at Workforce Wellness.
Employers' new year push on staff fitness
Peter Croft, FitLinxx EVP of International quoted in this UK-based Employee Benefits Magazine article about what employers are doing to help employees get healthy in the new year.
Making fitness happen
Chicago Tribune Health article about how people change their behavior and incorporate activity into their daily lives. References how the Fitlinxx Pro system enables users to see their progress and motivates them to make exercise a part of their daily lives.
News from 2013 Consumer Electronics Show
FitLinxx was highlighted in several news outlets.
Medical Mutual employees step up to wellness challenge
Learn how Medical Mutual employees tracked more than 900 million steps using the ActiPed+ in six months as part of a companywide wellness challenge.
Healthcare Consumerism Solutions Magazine: Reducing Healthcare Costs and Energizing Employees
In this article, Andrea Newman, FitLinxx's Director of HR, Benefits and Administration discusses how FitLinxx's wellness program FitWell has been integrated into our Consumer Directed Health Plan to improve employee health, increase productivity and reduce health care costs.
Corporate Wellness is Evolving
Peter Croft, EVP International at FitLinxx describes how corporate wellness is changing in the UK in the Nov/Dec issue of Health Club Management.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Gets Honorable Mention in C. Everett Coop National Health Award
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee was given an honorable mention in the annual C. Everett Coop National Health Award for its efforts to improve employee health and reduce health care costs.
Health Tech Insights Blog: Q & A with Dave Monahan
Health Tech Insights blog recently spoke with FitLinxx CEO Dave Monahan about our new activity monitor, the Pebble and about wellness program design.
Spice up Your Social Life
Read the Employee Benefit News article and learn how FitLinxx partner, GlobalFit uses social challenges at Allstate to boost workplace productivity and enhance wellness resulting in an 85% retention rate after 3 months.
Out of the Box
Peter Croft, EVP of International at FitLinxx explains the advantages for fitness facilities to expand their business beyond the four walls by offering wellness programs into communities.
Life Science Companies Take On Global Challenge
FitLinxx is featured in an article about the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance Convergence Summit held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego.
Macaw Health and Fitness App from U.S. Preventive Medicine Wins CTIA E-Tech Award
Our partner US. Preventive Preventive Medicine's Recognized for Innovation in Mobile Applications: Health, Wellness and Fitness
Five Steps to Workforce Wellness
In this Talent Management magazine article, Andrea Newman, FitLinxx's Director of HR discusses how FitLinxx reformed its healthcare strategy to make wellness the norm in its workforce.
Five Tips: Using Technology for Increased Employee Engagement in Health and Fitness Programs
Physical activity is the single most effective way to improve one’s health. Dave Monahan, FitLinxx's CEO, discusses how technology can motivate and engage employees for long term success in Corporate Wellness Magazine.
Dorchester students 'Step It Up' with Menino, Patrick, and Sebelius
Partners Healthcare, a FitLinxx partner, promoted their highly successful 'Step it Up' activity program today in Dorchester, Massachusetts with Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and US Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
Fitness and Strength Conditioning for Cancer Patients and Survivors
Living Strong Living Well, a strength and fitness training program for adult cancer survivors, is using FitLinxx Professional to help cancer survivors increase strength and improve quality of life.
Study: Virtual Coach Improves Activity Levels for Overweight, Obese
A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that using a “virtual coach” helped overweight or obese people increase their activity levels. Participants in the study wore wireless, FitLinxx ActiPed+ activity monitors.
Enfield Borough Council 'Step Up' the Well-Being of Their Workforce
Enfield Borough Council in the UK is setting an example for the local community by encouraging its employees to stay fit and healthy in 2012 by using StepSuccess and the ActiPed+.
Local Personal Trainer Keeps a Client’s Fitness ‘Intouch’ From 10,000 Miles Away
StepSuccess and the AciPed+ helping Wendy Oliver, owner of Intouch studios in Bristol England ( to help her clients to better health.
Tech Touchdown
Former Redskins star Joe Theismann helps promote healthy living with the Macaw app, from FitLinxx partner U.S. Preventive Medicine.
StepSuccess Helping Post-Natal Moms in the UK to be Fit
StepSuccess helps moms connect with other moms via their social networking community to keep them active after the birth of their child.
Students Take Stand and Step for Health
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