FitLinxx Professional Management Station

FitLinxx Management StationThe FitLinxx Pro Management Station is the hub of all reporting and communication between fitness facility staff and their members. From this station, instructors have access to:

Member Performance Triggers

  • Automatically detect at-risk members and alert staff to intervene so members do not drop out of their fitness programs
  • Provide simple communication tools for staff to contact members, helping them to stay motivated

Management Reports

  • Track staff and member usage to make sure resources are being utilized to their fullest
  • Create member retention reports to keep track of the facility‚Äôs retention statistics

Member Results

  • Member review screen allows staff to better assist members by quickly viewing their results and progress
  • Body trend reports help facilities better support members in their workout tracking programs by monitoring important key measurements for optimal health such as Body Mass Index, weight, body fat, and other significant measurements

For fitness facilities looking for a greater degree of flexibility, FitLinxx also offers a Satellite Management Station option. The Satellite Management Station provides the same level of communication and control as the standard Management Station, but can be run remotely from any computer within your network.

Both versions of the Management Station also allow for Front Desk Integration, member grouping by interest, medical concerns, types of workouts and more. Staff can set up customized workout templates for their members in minutes.

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