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Just 12 Minutes More a Day

It’s a fact: the cost of healthcare and lost productivity is staggering. It’s a difficult problem, but there’s a simple solution: Activity. Just 12 more minutes of activity per day for the average person would have a significant impact on the health of individuals and businesses.1

"The research shows that, as well as reducing obesity, the benefits of doing sports and exercise reach many other health outcomes. We find that those that do sports and exercise have better mental health and physical health, lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels and report lower rates of cardiovascular disease or Type 2 diabetes."

- Nuffield Health and London School of   Economics

It’s a Win-Win

Some of the largest insurance health plans are investing in activity-based wellness programs for their employees and their members. They know the value of a healthy workforce and population. Fewer trips to the doctor, emergency room or hospital. Lower health-related costs. That’s good for them. Lower utilization rates and fewer claims. Positive image. Competitive advantage. That’s good for you.

Healthier population. Less burden on the healthcare system. That’s good for everyone.

Award Winning Device + Engaging Programs = Success

Convenient, easy-to-use activity tracking provides feedback that motivates employees to start and maintain an active lifestyle. When combined with fun and engaging wellness programs, you have a formula for success.
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Did we mention that it’s award-winning technology?

Allstate Insurance invested in a wellness program. See their story.

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  1. 12 minutes more...The importance of physical activity, sports and exercise, in order to improve health, personal finances and the pressures on the NHS - Nuffield Health and the London School of Economics