Health Devices

FitLinxx wireless health devices help people easily monitor their weight and blood pressure. Data is securely and automatically uploaded to a wellness application. It’s easy to view data and set goals to stay on track. Take the steps to improve your health.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure.

The ActiPressure makes blood pressure and heart rate readings easy. Once you take your reading, it wirelessly and automatically sends your data to your wellness application. It’s perfect for home or commercial use.


ActPress Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
  • One-button start operation and Pressure Rating Indicator™ for convenience.
  • Irregular heartbeat detection alerts you to heartbeat irregularities.
  • 51-measurement memory storage – see past readings and track ongoing progress.

Watch your weight.

FitLinxx offers the ActiScale for home use and ActiScale Pro for professional use. Once you take a weight reading, it sends data directly to your wellness program account. It’s easy to set goals and track your progress to reach that goal.


Weight Scale CA
  • Large platform size (12 x 12") and digital display.
  • Contemporary glass design.
  • High-load capacity (380 lbs) and .5 lb resolution, ideal for accuracy.

ActiScale Pro

Weight Scale AD Pro
  • Large platform size (12 x 12") and digital display.
  • High-load capacity (440 lbs.) and weight accuracy to .20 lb.
  • 31-measurement memory storage – see past readings and track ongoing progress.
  • "Motion Tolerance" mode provides accurate readings for unsteady users.

A group solution for employee health.

The ActiHealth Kiosk is FitLinxx’s group health monitoring system. It’s fast, secure and easy to use. Simply set it up in an area that allows for privacy. When the user logs in, they have the choice of taking a weight or blood pressure reading. An easy-to-use touchscreen monitor displays their data. It’s perfect for health screenings and assessments at worksites, clinics, fitness facilities and other commercial settings.

ActiHealth Kiosk

Health Kiosk
  • Includes touchscreen computer with Personal SyncPoint, ActiScale Pro and ActiPressure.
  • Takes individual weight and/or blood pressure measurements.
  • Data automatically offloads to the FitLinxx database.
  • Ideal for health screenings as part of worksite wellness programs.

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