FitLinxx Professional Fitness Tracking Kiosk

Wall Kiosk

The Fitness Tracking Kiosk is the starting point for every FitLinxx Pro workout. It is an easy-to-use touchscreen that allows members to begin workouts, communicate with staff, log exercises performed outside of the FitLinxx system and view their progress. When the member is ready to begin a workout, they simply input their personal PIN at the Kiosk to log in and begin. FitLinxx offers free-standing and wall-mounted versions.

The FitLinxx Pro Fitness Tracking Kiosk helps members:

  • Begin workouts quickly with just a personal PIN – no need to carry cards, pens, or keys
  • Stay connected with staff to ensure the best workout results
  • Continue to be active away from the facility, by allowing them to log exercises performed outside of the system
  • Stay motivated and engaged by helping them view activity progress
  • Log wellness activities they perform in or out of the facility, such as taking a smoking cessation class, eating right, or any other healthy lifestyle activity
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