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How Do You Keep Members Coming Back?

Fitness Tracking DevicesOne of the toughest tasks a fitness facility has is getting members to stick with their programs. Results can take time to achieve, and some members simply lose interest before they reach that level. How do you keep your members from dropping out?

You need the right tools.

What if there was a system that could differentiate you from your competitors, help your staff better connect with members, and motivate members to stick with their exercise programs? FitLinxx has you covered.

FitLinxx Professional is a workout tracking and coaching system that tracks strength and cardio workouts, as well as studio classes. Members feel connected to the facility. They are engaged and motivated, and they’ll keep coming back.

Fitness TrackingFitLinxx Professional is found in YMCA’s, commercial fitness facilities, universities, rehab centers and hospitals all over the world.

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What are the Benefits of FitLinxx Professional?

For Facility Operators:

  • Improved member attraction and retention
  • Reporting tools on at-risk members and equipment utilization
  • Increased staff productivity

For Staff and Instructors:

  • Create custom exercise profiles for individuals and groups
  • Management tools to better support members
  • Reporting on members most in need of assistance

For Members:

  • Support and motivation to stick with the program
  • An enhanced workout experience, interactive coaching and automatic data
  • Track your workout inside and outside the facility

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