FitLinxx Professional Fitness Applications and Devices

FitLinxx Professional offers facilities a computerized exercise tracking system that attaches directly to fitness equipment, adding an extraordinary “intelligent” dimension to the workout experience. The system learns a user's exercise programs, coaches them individually through their workout, tracks their progress over time, and provides a level of safety and confidence during every exercise.

Video: FitLinxx Professional

In this video, you'll learn how FitLinxx Professional fitness tracking stystem connects facilities and instructors with members, promoting member attraction and adherence. These connections help staff better assist members, and provide members with the support and motivation critical to developing positive workout habits.

FitLinxx Professional Encourages a Better Workout Experience

  • It automatically captures the user’s strength and cardiovascular workout data, helping them to actually see their progress
  • Begin workouts quickly with just a personal PIN - there is no need to carry cards, pens or keys while working out
  • Members can view their data from a facility kiosk or via the FitLinxx Pro fitness tracking website, allowing them to see their progress immediately or when they get home

FitLinxx Professional is the Best Exercise Tracking System Available Today

  • It improves member attraction and retention
  • It empowers staff with detailed monthly reports to help them better support members
  • The system provides information on at-risk members, staff productivity and equipment utilization to ensure members have the best facility experience possible
  • The user experience creates exercise adherence and member loyalty, making members more likely to refer others

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