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The Answer is Activity.

WalkingEveryone is talking about creating a culture of wellness and improving employee health. It’s the right thing to do. But, what’s the best way to impact the well-being of your workforce? The answer is activity. You only need to be active 150 minutes per week, That’s 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. That’s it. It’s easy to get started and get your employees moving.

Employers achieve a $5.81 return for every dollar invested in wellness.

- American Journal of Health Promotion

We partner with wellness program providers who deliver FitLinxx powered activity-based wellness programs to meet your objectives. Whether you are interested in disease management or general wellness, our partners create programs that get your people engaged and moving.

It’s a Win-Win

An active workforce benefits everyone. Healthier employees. Fewer trips to the doctor. Reduced out-of-pocket expenses. That’s good for them. Managed premiums and healthcare costs. Present and energized employees. That’s good for you.

Healthier population. Less burden on the healthcare system. That’s good for everyone. Do you want to know the best part? Your entire workforce can increase their activity by walking. It’s simple, free, and everyone can do it.

Activity Tracking + Engaging Programs = Success

Convenient, easy-to-use activity tracking provides feedback that motivates employees to start and maintain an active lifestyle. When combined with fun and engaging corporate wellness programs, you have a formula for success.
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Did we mention that it’s award-winning technology?

FitLinxx Partners rock the Pebble+. You can, too.

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  1. Data based on member participation engagement rate for all partners over 3-month period.

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