Employer Wellness Programs Reduce Healthcare Costs

FitLinxx products help employers and organizations save money by enabling employer wellness programs with simple, automatic activity tracking and interactive web applications. But don’t take our word for it – take a look at some recent results:

Toshiba America Medical Systems
Sonic Boom

Toshiba America Medical Systems is a medical imaging technology company with 1,250 benefits-eligible employees. Although its medical expenditure situation was seemingly better than most thanks to its comprehensive “Health360” program, Toshiba believed it needed to boost employee engagement and improve the company’s sense of culture. Enter Sonic Boom Wellness, a corporate wellness program provider and FitLinxx partner.

  • Financial: From 2012 to 2013 alone, medical expenditures decreased by 2.2%; by comparison, the year-over-year industry average is an increase of 10-20%.
  • Cultural: Employees have maintained a culture of fitness, with an average of 5,570 steps a day since the program began in 2011. They also engage in an average of 97 minutes of daily activity. Team-based contests have also helped in building inter-office camaraderie, boosting communication between departments, increasing morale and even forging new friendships.
  • Wellness: Some 62% of the eligible workforce regularly logs points in their personal Sonic Boom profiles. Because of its high engagement rate among employees, Toshiba’s program was extended to spouses in August 2012, stretching the total number to 2,150 eligible members. Of those, 44% actively take part in Sonic Boom’s wellness programs and activities.

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National Jewish Health

National Jewish HealthFitLogix, a wellness initiative offered by National Jewish Health, integrated a web-based application with two ActiHealth-compatible wireless devices, the ActiPed activity monitor and ActiScale. NJH’s results were impressive:

  • Participants saw a 5% average aggregate weight loss
  • 81% of participants found the program effective in helping them reach their weight goals
  • NJH saw a 13% year-on-year reduction in healthcare costs, equating to a savings of $3.8 million
  • Based on a $1 million initial investment, the first year ROI for FitLogix was 2.82 to 1.00, with an annual savings per enrollee of $1,831

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Ottawa Dental Laboratory

Ottawa Dental Lab LogoTo keep healthcare costs down, Ottawa Dental Laboratory transitioned to an incentive-based health behavior program that included the ActiPed+ activity monitor and the ActiHealth wellness application. While a number of initiatives have been introduced over the years, some of the greatest health outcomes were achieved during the activity challenges driven by ActiPed+ usage:

  • In a 5-year period, Ottawa Dental Labs saw healthcare costs go from $340,000 to $216,000
  • Hypertension rates plunged from 47% to 18%
  • Periodic “challenges” and “contests” based on activity data collected by ActiPeds were offered as part of the program to foster engagement, camaraderie and behavior change
  • The results of these contests during the 6-month use of this new activity engagement tool rate number #1 among their health initiatives for having the greatest impact on employee health

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  Download the Ottawa Dental Laboratory Customer Story


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