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Got Engagement?

Wellness programs that include activity tracking technology engage and motivate your clients’ employees, patients, and plan members to be more active and live healthier lifestyles.

Our partners create corporate wellness programs that get people moving and improve their health. How do they do it? They embed our technology in their wellness programs to keep people engaged and motivated. In fact, our partners achieve 70% average engagement rates. Without technology, participation drops to 40%1. Which would you rather offer your clients?

When you combine our award-winning technology and your engaging employee wellness programs, and you’ve got a formula for success.
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You Need the Right Tools

The FitLinxx Wellness Platform is a suite of products, applications and development tools to create web-based and mobile wellness applications that engage and motivate. It’s open, customizable, robust, and easy to deploy. It’s designed to handle a large and diverse workforce.

The FitLinxx Wellness Platform includes:

  • Pebble+ Activity Tracker – Award-winning activity tracker. Clips onto shoes, waistband, belt, pocket and bra. Tracks walking, running, indoor biking and elliptical activities. No charging required. And it’s waterproof.
  • Health tracking devices – Wireless blood pressure monitors and weight scales. Makes it easy to track blood pressure and weight. Ideal for patient and weight management programs. One stop shopping.
  • Wireless SyncPoints – Simply walk by a SyncPoint to automatically upload data. Built for many users. No lines. No waiting. No cables. Need we say more?
  • Active Gateway – Integrate activity and health data into your wellness program and application using our open, scalable API. Unmatched in the industry.

Your Trusted Advisor

  • Support – What do you need to be successful? Account Management? We’ve got that. Phone Support? We’ve got you covered. Marketing Support? Check. Knowledge base and Partner Portal? Check and check.
  • Experience – We’ve been in business for 20 years. We are the activity experts. We know how to do it right.

  1. Data based on member participation engagement rate for all partners over 3-month period.

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