BodyLAN Wireless Protocol

BodyLAN is the heart and soul of FitLinxx wireless devices. It is an ultra-low power wireless network that automatically transmits data from devices to your fitness or wellness application. It’s secure and private to protect your users’ sensitive data.


It works without you.


BodyLAN is transparent – data flows from devices with no actions from you or your users. No cables. No device pairing. No syncing. Data transfers automatically whenever a device is near a SyncPoint.

Blink and you'll miss it.

BodyLAN provides fast data transfer. This enables your application to provide real-time feedback to your users.

Speeding Train

Support all groups large and small.


It works with small and large populations. A user can keep a Personal SyncPoint in his or her computer at all times whether at home or on the road. In group environments, one multi-user SyncPoint can support many users at once.

No charging required.

It’s an ultra-low power solution, meaning less battery usage and longer battery life. No charging required. One less thing to worry about.


The right fit for your business.

BodyLAN is certified for use by both the FDA and FCC/CE, and is currently being used in millions of activity and wellness devices, fitness equipment and medical devices. It’s an ideal solution for:

  • Health and wellness organizations
  • Corporate wellness programs and initiatives
  • Fitness facilities
  • U.S. government and military organizations
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare providers and disease management companies
  • Sports teams and organizations

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