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Activity Tracking

ActiHealth Web ApplicationThe ActiHealth wellness application is FitLinxx’s ready-made, interactive health and activity tracking web experience. The application displays the user’s real-time activity and health data in an easy-to-use interface, and enables users to view their data, set and track personal wellness goals and join communities with family and friends.

ActiHealth is an engaging, interactive web application that enables wellness program providers to quickly set up a web-based pilot program with options for activity, weight and blood pressure monitoring. For providers who wish to create their own custom web application or incorporate FitLinxx solutions into an existing website, see our Active Gateway and ActiHealth Embedded applications.

To learn more about ActiHealth, check out the ActiHealth Application Features page.

ActiHealth Motivates People to Be Active Every Day

As part of an engaging wellness program, the ActiHealth wellness application:

  • Enables participants to set and manage personal goals to increase health awareness
  • Creates a versatile, rewarding experience that motivates users to be more active and healthy
  • Helps employers lower healthcare costs by creating a healthier workforce
  • Enables wellness program providers to customize the application with their logo and brand
  • Facilitates the creation of challenges and communities so members can connect with friends, family and co-workers to increase engagement
  • Allows end users to customize their site and choose the features they wish to use
  • Ties individual performance to incentives with verifiable data, ensuring accurate and equitable programs
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