ActiHealth Embedded Web Solution

FitKIKActiHealth Embedded offers a selection of health and activity tracking mini-applications called widgets that can be embedded (or inserted) into an existing website, enabling members to see their results and stay motivated. ActiHealth Embedded is the perfect fit for partners and organizations looking to incorporate features from the ActiHealth application into their own website.

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ActiHealth Embedded Helps Create a Strong Wellness Program

When incorporated into a partner’s existing web experience, ActiHealth Embedded:

  • Provides users with real-time data from compatible wireless health and activity tracking devices
  • Implement programs quickly and efficiently by inserting ActiHealth features into their existing website
  • Enables administrators to choose the features that create the best experience for their users
  • Increases health awareness by comparing activity and health data to personal goals and government standards
  • Offer programs with options for activity, weight and blood pressure monitoring
  • Enables users to take part in challenges and activity events with friends, family and co-workers
  • Tie individual performance to incentives with verifiable data, ensuring accurate and equitable programs
  • Creates a versatile and rewarding experience that motivates users to be more active and healthy
  • Help employers lower healthcare costs by creating a healthier workforce

ActiHealth Embedded Keeps Members Engaged by:

  • Displaying their activity data
  • Enabling participants to set and manage personal goals to increase health awareness
  • Tracking weight, B.M.I. and blood pressure against government standards
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